Cleancon concept

The number of vehicle failures due to electronic components is increasing every year. Electronic components are involved in nearly half of all emergency assistance calls received by the German motorists’ association ADAC. Often coming from screws, microscopic contamination particles on interconnects regularly cause failures in control units. To solve this problem, Arnold Umformtechnik has developed the Cleancon concept.


MAC335 Universal Code Reader

The compact MAC335 universal code reader from Pepperl+Fuchs can read all common 1D and 2D code symbologies within an extremely large range without requiring mechanical modifications. A host of powerful features such as JavaScript functions, a high resolution, IP65 protection and the intuitive Vision Configurator operating software make this reader ideal for many industrial applications.


ML100 series photoelectric sensors

The ML100 series comprises a complete family of user friendly miniature photoelectric sensors which are ideally suited for applications where long ranges and a high level of reliability are required. Due to their miniature design, the ML100 series sensors are also suitable for use in extremely confined areas, where optimum performance has to be ensured in the tightest spaces.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

DDW-225 is used in a ERTMS Level 2 system

Banverket and Bombardier have chosen WESTERMO DDW-225 Ethernet extender to equip a ERTMS Level 2 section of Swedish railway. It is the first Level 2 installation ever to include equipment such as crossing barriers. Further to reliability the DDW-225 has contributed to significant cost savings as new fibre installation could be avoided.


GravoStyle™ 6

GravoStyle™ 6 drives and interacts with the full range of Gravograph technology: CNC, rotary engravers, CO2, YAG and Fiber laser engravers.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Alfa Laval sharpens the competitive edge with iX

The new iX from Beijer Electronics helps Peter Blomberg and his automation colleagues to create a graphical interface that makes decanter centrifuges and other sophisticated equipment from Alfa Laval as easy to use as today's cell phones. The user-friendly interface is appreciated by customers, as well as the new HMI solution saves time and money in installation and service.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

iX – a truly open HMI concept

Todays HMI-concepts offer a variety of functionalities to fullfill customers demands. But most of them are completely closed systems. There is no space for individual modification of existing HMI function, neither to use ready made component from 3rd party suppliers.

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