Nord USA

NORD's Heavy-Duty, Reliable Drive Systems Tackle Tough Industrial Applications

NORD’s industrial automation solutions include MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units, UNICASE parallel shaft gear units, UNICASE helical bevel gear units, IE3 – IE5+ high efficiency electric motors, and NORDAC variable frequency drives. These solutions are engineered to work in unison for ultimate performance in demanding, heavy industrial environments.

Infineon News

Infineon launches new NFC I2C bridge tag for contactless authentication and secured configuration of IoT devices

The number of IoT devices is rapidly increasing, and they have already become a part of every industry. However, as the number of smart devices increases, so do the demands on the user experience in terms of simplicity of device configuration and pairing.


Optimising installation space and performance with thread tapping screws

When joining lightweight metals, the focus is on the installation space available and on optimising performance and cost, as well as on the reliability of the fastening. And in light of that, an important point is the optimisation of the fastening’s load capacity.

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