Fraunhofer News


The danger of becoming infected with the coronavirus is especially high in enclosed spaces. This is because aerosols – which play a key role in the transmission of COVID-19 – increase the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 in indoor spaces. A new ventilation system developed by two Fraunhofer Institutes is able to filter the virus from ambient air. It then destroys the virus in a process known as cold combustion, leaving behind nothing but small quantities of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

HBM News

HBK introduces the EP70 Adhesive for Cylindric Strain Gauges

Installing cylindrical strain gauges - for testing strain, force and vibration measurement in screws and bolts - is much easier with a special new adhesive called EP70.

Ingeteam news

Ingeteam supplies its technology to a 160 MW solar PV plant in Sacramento County, California

Ingeteam Inc has supplied and commissioned 53 of its solar PV power stations for the 160 MW Rancho Seco II solar plant. This photovoltaic facility, built by Rosendin Electric for DE Shaw Renewable Investments, is the largest fixed-tilt solar plant in Sacramento County, CA. It was commissioned by the end of 2020.

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