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HMI – Build versus Buy

Any manufacturer of complex machines or vehicles that include HMIs must face a crucial decision: should you build your own human-machine interfaces or should you buy these vital components ready-made or customized from an outside source?


True Color Sensor BFS 33M: When things get really colorful

With their new BFS 33M color sensor Balluff introduces a true-color sensor of the highest class. No matter what kind of objects you show the sensor, it can discriminate them all with unerring accuracy. Even the slightest shades, smallest gray level differences or minimal changes to the surface properties are detected without effort. It precisely detects an object and switches the corresponding output with lightning speed. Up to seven objects can be signaled on the switching outputs in this way. In addition the L*a*b color values can also be directly output on a serial interface. Special compensation and individualized calibration means the sensor achieves extremely high accuracy over a long period.

NORD Drivesystems

Energy efficient drive systems from NORD

More than two thirds of the energy consumed in industrial applications goes into the operation of electric drive technology. Since an electric motor’s energy consumption makes up about 98% of its total cost of ownership, investment in efficient drive technology is more than worthwhile. Nord offers energy efficient drive systems, including Unicase gearboxes with regenerative breaking, IE2 motors, and frequency inverters that automatically reduce magnetization when the motor is operated under partial load. All together it reduces energy consumption by a half compared to former solutions.


New PcVue 10.0 : The SCADA solution to increase your productivity

The new PcVue 10.0 tools, Application Architect and Application Explorer, can save up to 50% in development time over the application’s complete life-cycle. From the design phase right through to testing, from maintenance to re-engineering, they are aimed at all users, from applications developer to occasional user.



The latest enhancements make Southco cam latches perfectly suited for many applications: automotile, off-highway equipment, HVAC, technical enclosure, medical equipment, electronics and telecommunications.


Haluk Menderes is the new Managing Director of Sales and Marketing of Eplan

A new member has joined the Management Board of Eplan Software & Service. Haluk Menderes has joined Eplan as the new Managing Director of Sales & Marketing on July 1, 2011. He is the successor to Hans Hässig. Together with Maximilian Brandl, Chairman of the Board of Management, he will be affecting the future of this engineering solutions provider.

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