2232/2250…BX4 CSD/CCD

The world’s smallest brushless motor with integrated motion controller


ETV 0552 with a Glass Touch Screen and IP65 Protected - Small but Powerful: Control Panels with EDGE Technology in 5.7" Format

The powerful, all-in-one ETV control panel series from SIGMATEK was expanded by two new panels with a 5.7" touch display. The ETV 0551 is equipped with an analog resistive TFT color touch screen (IP 54). The ETV 0552, which is equipped with a glass touch screen and frontal IP65 protection against dust and water, is even more robust. Because there is no offset edge between the glass touch screen and the frame, the panel can be easily cleaned. The ETV 0552 is therefore ideal for use in raw industrial environments as well as in food processing, packaging and medical technology.

NORD Drivesystems

Nord Drivesystems installed in Chronopost’s largest hub

More than 1000 Nord Drivesystems geared motors with decentralised inverters have been installed in Chronopost’s main European hub, to the south of Paris. They are a crucial component in the sorting centre which handles an average of 170,000 parcels a day, each needing to be identified and sent to the correct loading bay in less than 3 minutes.


HYPERTURN 95/110 – opening up a new dimension in highly productive, complete machining

Two models have been added to the successful HYPERTURN series, the HYPERTURN 95 and 110, expanding our product range in complex, complete machining with high levels of productivity. The machine is a modular sytem giving our customers a choice of two bed lengths, two spindle sizes, with a milling spindle and a B-axis or with two turrets. A new state-of-the-art control and drive technology make for greater user-friendliness and increased productivity.


Yodalex: audible and visual signals in hazardous areas

R. STAHL's Yodalex series includes a wide range of signalling devices for hazardous areas, such as the YO6 omni-directional horn, the V6 beacon and the YL6 combination unit. All units feature an IP66 aluminium housing with machined flame paths which provides “ex d” ignition protection (flameproof enclosure).

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies


Souriau, the world leader in multi-position circular connectors for harsh operating environments, is launching a new range of miniature connectors developed from the MIL-DTL-38999: micro38999. This new range offers the best possible performance – in the most compact models on the market. The micro38999 allows size and weight savings of 50% compared to the smallest MIL-DTL38999 Series III units.



The COSCOM KPI (Key Performance Indicator) module is designed as a Web application to give users location-independent access to corporate data and analyses at all times. Online visualisation provides real-time information on the progress of the process. This allows optimisation and organisational measures to be initiated while the process is still underway.

Vision Numéric

Type3 CAAV5 Based Version 5.10

Launched in 2003, with more than 1000 licences in use around the world, the Type3 software enables the creation of text and the integration of symbols or logos with just a few clicks in CATIA V5, to identify, mark, decorate or personalise parts during the design stages. In the new version, Type3 CAAV5 Based V.5.10, a number of innovations have been introduced to optimise the process further and make it easier to use. These include the entry of text from a single point, deformation-free projections and dongle-free operation.


Brilliantly constant - Hysteresis capping heads for the beverage industry

Due to the constant, impact-free slip torque, hysteresis capping heads are better suited for sealing plastic bottles and non-returnable glass bottles than permanent magnet heads. The technically advanced ROBA®-capping head components by mayr® power transmission are based on the patented ROBA®-contitorque hysteresis clutch, which has been used in the market successfully in various applications for more than 10 years.

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