Southco plugs the leaks and relieves the pressure for Air Handling Systems

When seeking to increase the energy and operational efficiencies of its HVAC enclosures by eliminating air leakage through the latching systems, air conditioning equipment manufacturer Air Handling Systems Ltd. (AHS) looked to Southco – as the only company with a product which satisfied rigid pressure tests - to provide the solution.


Environment: Veolia Water Solutions & Technology adopts Prosoft Technology radios for its solar sludge drying process

Once water has been cleaned and decanted, it is often necessary to dry the residual sludge. The SOLIA solar sludge drying process, proposed by MSE, uses an automated turner. The sludge is laid out in windrows, in a greenhouse, to accelerate water evaporation. The operation is automated, and there is no further need to enter the greenhouse to control the robots. These robots are radio-controlled, which provides a more robust solution than the traditional wired approach.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Production of glass containers for pharmaceutical use

SPAMI, a company forming part of the Stevanato Group, has developed an inspection system to improve the quality of glassware. It uses quality control technologies to screen the glass tubing on arrival at the plant as well as the final product. The system includes a visual inspection system (NoVIS), a system for continuous temperature measurement, and also a digital image processing system, called CLEANER, which is able to detect and remove defects in the glass as small as a few microns in the final product. The fully integrated process machinery provides measurement of glass tube diameter, wall thickness, and temperature using infrared pyrometers (Pyrometer Annealing control) for total quality control, and motorized burners provide close control of their positioning. The use of this system gives Stevanato their advantage in quality over other vial manufacturers. For this advanced system, S.P.A.M.I. uses HMS Anybus converters for the connection between remote visual inspection cameras and the PLCs controlling the production lines.


Automotive supplier Hetal-Werke tests Arnold ATP studs

The automotive division of Hetal-Werke, located in Alpirsbach (Germany), is intensively looking for alternatives to conventional joint technologies. In the future, ATP® TriPress fasteners from Arnold Umformtechnik are expected to be used in place of conventional weld-on studs. These press-in studs match the requirements profile of the company, which specialises in the full scope of kinematic subassemblies and hinges in the passenger car seating area.


PcVue and Passivhaus, monitoring an ultra-low-energy building

This trend-setting building comprises a clinic for physiotherapy and medical muscle-building plus the offices of the builder, Steffen Holzbau. All of the efficiency systems are monitored from a PcVue 9.0 BMS system with remote WebVue access linked to BACnet controllers and communication.


Maple T.A.™ 7

New version of Maplesoft’s testing and assessment tool provides greater insight into student performance


High-speed robot, DeltaBot™, designed using Maplesoft™ technology

Following the completion of the DeltaBot, a robot based on an innovative cable-actuated delta-style design, Dr. Khajepour received a surprising number of requests from industry for its use. Based on this commercial demand Dr. Khajepour established AEMK Systems (, a company specializing in the design and distribution of high-speed, cable and vision-based robotics systems for use in a variety of industrial applications. The DeltaBot is capable of over 120 pick-and-place cycles per minute and handling up to 20 kg.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

For the 4th year, SOURIAU wins AIRBUS’s best Supplier Award for standard electrical parts

SOURIAU is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with the 2010 AIRBUS Supplier of the Year Award in recognition of the best global performance during the supplier SQAL Electrics Conference held in Toulouse on December 16, 2010.


"Rittal – the System" offers planning, equipment and service for data centres from one source

Data centres are complex projects. Secure, available and energy-efficient IT services are only possible with a seamless interaction of software, hardware and IT infrastructure. "Rittal – the System" is the new plat-form the data centre specialist is presenting in a bid to shorten the path to turnkey data centres greatly. Just like a set of building bricks, individually matched components can be fitted together and combined with consulting and services.

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