Beijer Electronics Products AB

Beijer Electronics acquires QSI Corporation

"With the acquisition of QSI Corporation we get a strong presence in North America which is a strategically important market for Beijer Electronics. Among other positive things we see great potential with the extended product portfolio designed for demanding environments and for mobile applications", says Magnus Ekerot, Business Area Director of HMI Products.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Beijer Electronics acquires part of the Taiwanese technology company Korenix

Beijer Electronics has acquired a minority share in the Taiwanese technology and data communications company Korenix Technology Co., Ltd. The company has sales of over 60 million SEK per year and about 70 employees. The acquisition is an important part of Beijer Electronics’ growth plan in Asia and for business area Industrial Data Communications (IDC).


RadioLinx 802.11n – IHN-W: A new born in the family

A few months after the launch of its first industrial class IEEE 802.11n RadioLinx® modules, ProSoft Technology is enlarging its most recent family of industrial wireless solutions with a single-radio IP67 version.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Genzyme monitors 50,000 SCADA points with Anybus Communicator

The company, which is a world leader in biotechnology, is creating a new polyclonal antibody production site.This is an innovative production facility: the process has been automated as far as possible, to reduce human error in the many stages of the process (separation, purification, filtration, ultrafiltration, haemadsorption etc.).This involves being able to interface with a battery of very mixed laboratory equipment, which was not initially designed to communicate with fieldbuses. Genzyme has used about thirty HMS Anybus Communicator gateways, to enable consistent SCADA management across all the devices in use. Benefits are as much in terms of quality as in production costs.


Southco latching solutions boost data centre security

Market trend data confirms that, despite the challenging economy, more data centres are placing expansion firmly on their corporate agenda for 2010, and beyond.


Trustable Wireless solution, based on 802.11 standards

While the number of adopters of industrial wireless is fast increasing worldwide, some Automation Engineers are still sceptical regarding security. This is an important topic. And no one will consider these questionings illegitimate. This article will bring answers and hopefully help convince them that security should not be the reason for postponing the pace they will do towards wireless.


“Conform” product line

“Conform” product line is made of multifunctional precision parts produced by metal forming instead of turning. This change in production method alone is sufficient to allow cost savings of up to 80% to be achieved.


2232/2250…BX4 CSD/CCD

The world’s smallest brushless motor with integrated motion controller

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