The New KenFeed 2X Milling Solution from Kennametal

The new KenFeed™ 2X milling solution from Kennametal is the latest development in high-feed for light to heavy end milling operations. Developed from the original KenFeed™ platform, which has seen industry success for over six years, this new generation promises larger depths of cut using larger inserts.


New KSEM PLUS B1 Heads Extend Kennametal’s KSEM PLUS Product Range

The simple but effective KSEM PLUS™ modular system that combines the benefits of the KSEM™ modular drill (high feeds and length-to-diameter [L/D] ratios) with the benefits of an indexable drill (high speeds and low consumable costs) is the current industry benchmark when it comes to drilling large diameter applications. Kennametal is now extending its KSEM PLUS range by introducing new KSEM PLUS B1 Heads with DFC guiding pads to deliver reduced cost per hole in difficult drilling conditions.


KSRM — A New Multipurpose Line of Milling Cutters from Kennametal

The KSRM™ line of cutters is a new, multipurpose milling solution from Kennametal specifically engineered for titanium and stainless steel applications. Their design enables pocketing, profiling, ramping, and plunging with up to 1mm fz. KSRM milling cutters deliver consistent performance and excellent metal removal rates with the lowest cutting forces for roughing applications.


Kennametal Introduces the New Mill 1-7 High-Performance Shoulder Mill for Small Diameters

As the latest complement to the Mill 1™ platform for finishing operations, Mill 1-7™ is Kennametal’s solution for finishing in small diameter milling. This new line is specifically engineered to cover ramping, slotting, and plunging for aerospace, energy, and general engineering applications. Mill 1-7 is a diverse tool for roughing and finishing operations, where small diameter end mills are required.


Innovative RMB-E and RHM-E Expandable Reamers from Kennametal

Kennametal introduces a new line of innovative, expandable, high performance reamers. RMB-E™ monobloc and RHM-E™ modular reamers are accurate, easy-to-use, expansion tools that are unlike any similar device available.


Get More Productive Milling Operations with the M200 Series from WIDIA

WIDIA™ is proud to announce the M200™ copy mill as its latest addition to the WIDIA Victory™ line of tooling. WIDIA’s new M200 series sets the standards for performance and productivity in the die and mold, energy, and aerospace industries and is engineered to outperform in roughing to semi-finishing applications.


WIDIA Teams with Haimer GmbH to Provide SAFE-LOCK™: Next-generation pullout protection for end mills

WIDIA™ can now offer customers the SAFE-LOCK system by Haimer GmbH. The SAFE-LOCK™ system is a pull-out-protection and adapter system for round-shanked cutting tools that enhances security in heavy-duty cutting. It combines a positive locking feature with on-center high accuracy for improved process reliability, longer cutting tool life, and higher productivity.


New VariMill II ER Extends the WIDIA VariMill Product Range

Born from the success of the VariMill I™ and VariMill II™ end mills, the VariMill II ER™ end mill offers the superior performance of its predecessors but with features that enhance stability. Due to its success as a popular and effective custom solution, WIDIA™ is now making the VariMill II ER end mill available as an option in the standard product portfolio. Bringing this option into the standard portfolio provides customers with fast, easy, and accessible ordering options worldwide.


Baumer HOG 86 encoder series for the highest requirements: Tough and precise

Baumer capitalized on its more than 50 years of experience in the HeavyDuty area when developing the HOG 86 series. With this complete product line of encoders, the sensor specialist is presenting yet another robust solution for harsh and demanding ambient conditions.

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