CIAT carries out the entire air handling installation for the new Uzbekistan national library building

The contract, which amounts to over €1.5 M, is a major achievement as this is the largest building constructed in Central Asia in 2011. The entire installation, from the chillers to the comfort units, and including technical assistance, was supplied by CIAT.

Keyence Brasil


This new profile measuring instrument is a real technological breakthrough. Being approximately 30 times faster than the best standard of the market, with the LJ-V Series it is possible to check instantaneously the results of a scanned target using a 3D view on line. It is also characterized by the simplicity of its implementation, its precision and its stability of detection.

Keyence Brasil


With this new series, Keyence introduces a new line scan camera. Contrary to the existing models on the market, programming is much easier.



Southco® has recently launched its H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle with Integrated Proximity Reader which includes the same intelligent electronic locking and monitoring features as the original H3-EM, but also accepts HID 125 kHz prox cards or tags and produces a standard 26 bit Wiegand output. This fully integrated swinghandle can be easily combined with any new or existing Wiegand-based access control system to add additional keyless entry points to active security systems, and incorporates existing operator credentials.


Southco’s Dzus fasteners lead the way in cutting-edge design solutions for the automotive industry

Market-leading Dzus quarter-fasteners meet the growing demand for cars and trucks to be designed with lightweight underbody protective shields. They improve both the aerodynamic efficiency and the overall fuel economy and stand out for their strength, accuracy, and convenience.


EPLAN Pro Panel added to Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Products

Rockwell Automation has added EPLAN’s Pro Panel to their approved Encompass products. EPLAN Software & Services has been an Encompass Partner since 2008. Rockwell Automation’s Encompass Products have to meet high quality and functionality criteria such as being developed by a reputable and sound company, that is committed to product and services quality, also committed to partnering with Rockwell Automation, and providing useful functionality not delivered by any of Rockwell’s current products.


The Island of Guernsey goes wireless for water management with ProSoft Technology’s RadioLinx

The island of Guernsey is a British Crown dependency, located in the English Channel, about 30 miles from the north coast of France and 70 miles from the south coast of England. Guernsey Water has deployed a communication network to integrate 40 facilities into a single network. These range from pumping stations and water treatment works to land and office buildings. The ProSoft Technology solution, based on IEEE 802.11n standard, proved to be a reliable, easy to integrate and cost-effective solution.

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