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Anybus Communicator from HMS Industrial Networks to connect automation devices via their Modbus interface to Profibus networks

The Communicator is an intelligent protocol converter that provides instant Profibus connectivity. As the automation device remains unchanged there is no need for hardware-, software modifications or extensive engineering work. Modbus is a very popular serial protocol and the industrial automation market contains a wide range of existing devices with a Modbus interface such as temperature sensors, barcode readers, motor controllers and measuring instruments. By using the Anybus Communicator all these devices can be easily integrated into modern automation systems based on Profibus and PLCs i.e. from Siemens, Schneider and ABB.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Engine high power connectors at high T° ( 260° C)

Souriau is extending its range of engine connectors to meet electrical power demands up to 80 A continuous rating in an external environment at 260 °C, with a 20% gain in compactness. The use of “ all electric” on aircraft to replace hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic energy is attracting increasing attention. Reliability and safety are increased, while costs are reduced, thanks among other factors to a weight saving which directly impacts fuel consumption. That is why Airbus, for example, has replaced one of the three flight control hydraulic systems of the A380 with an hydro-electrical network.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Order on-line with the SOURIAU configurator

Accessible from the website, the SOURIAU on-line configurator is a tool enabling users to obtain the part numbers of connectors matching their needs, along with their 2D drawings. The configurator now has a new function: on-line ordering.


Major irrigation projects from Imperia to Venice

In 2008, in the Italian Triveneto region, from Imperia to Venice, more than 25,000 m of FLOWTITE glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) piping was laid as part of irrigation projects. The construction projects not only helped to preserve the environment, they also considerably increased the levels of agricultural productivity in the region. As irrigation affects the water table due to the wells dug, most of the water currently used comes from mountain streams or rivers. This avoids lowering the water table and cuts project costs.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Anybus® RemoteCom™

HMS Industrial Networks introduces Anybus® RemoteCom™, a new industrial GSM/GPRS based device for remote monitoring and control, alarm management and data logging.


San Ace 40 - GA type: Top Energy-Saving and Low Noise cooling fan

San Ace 40 - GA type, 40 x 40 x 28 mm Cooling Fan, achieves a 30% energy savings and a sound pressure level that is reduced by 6dB(A), compared to a conventional Sanyo Denki fan (DC cooling fan: 40 × 40 ×28 mm fan “San Ace 40” (9GV0412K03)), while ensuring high air flow and static pressure and the environmental preservation of customer's equipment.



A new range of comfort units, Major Line available from stock in more than 50 versions, providing cooling capacity from 700 W to 9 kW according to Eurovent ratings. Its resolutely modern styling is a perfect match for all types of interior and its energy consumption is on average 20% lower than that of previous-generation models.


Faiveley Transport platform doors for the Seville metro

To highlight its intention to set itself apart in the fields of service quality and passenger safety, the city of Seville has decided to equip its metro line with platform doors. In this context, Faiveley was able to make all the difference, thanks to its reputation in the railway equipment field and its ability to provide a turnkey solution, overcoming the usual difficulties concerning interfacing between the trains and the platform door system (train-wayside communication).


Cut out the waiting with the MDM300 Advanced Dew-point Hygrometer

Dew points as low as -70°C can now be measured accurately in less than 10 minutes – faster in many cases. Michell Instruments’ MDM300 advanced dew-point hygrometer can save engineers weeks of waiting time each year. MDM300 main applications are: compressed air dryers, medical gas quality checks, plastic moulding air dryers, SF6 in high voltage switchgear, industrial gas production and supply, pipeline drying, metallurgy...


Close to 500 MapleSim licenses

Maplesoft™, today announced that its recently released modeling and simulation software, MapleSim™, has received tremendous response from around the world. Close to 500 licenses have been sold in the six months since its release in December 2008. After a successful pilot testing period, MapleSim adoption has been swift and far-reaching.

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