AQUACIAT CALEO: the refurbishment solution suitable for both large homes and small commercial premises

With power ratings up to 50kw and the production of hot water at 65°C, the Aquaciat Caleo range is the first European solution for refurbishing large buildings, small hotels and light industries. Energy savings of around 50% are achievable in refurbishment, thanks to the heat pumps now available in these markets. Aquaciat Caleo allows the replacement of conventional heating, while keeping existing radiators, to manage the production of clean hot water or to heat swimming pools.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand makes its mark at Dakar 2009

Ingersoll Rand, which has been involved in the Dakar rally race for the last three years, will team up with the Euromaster, Mitsubishi and Toyota teams in 2009. It will offer them portable tools, including the new IQv range of impact wrenches. These wrenches can release torques up to 500Nm and will last three times longer than similar products on the market. IQv tools are also lighter and more compact than rival products, characteristics particularly appreciated by race competitors.



Three years after the contract was signed with Eurocopter, the IGE+XAO Group announces a very significant contract with Airbus. This new agreement covers the supply of the IGE+XAO Group’s PLM offer (Product Life-cycle Management) dedicated to Electrical Engineering. This software suite named SEE Electrical Harness PLM, encompasses most of the electrical engineering process, from the definition of electrical equipment to the automatic generation of electrical harnesses and wiring diagrams.


CSR PuZhen, a leading Chinese rolling stock manufaturer, chooses “SEE Electrical Harness” for the design of electrical wire harnesses.

CSR PuZhen (CSRPZ), a subsidiairy of China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited, is a large-scale state-owned company, designing, manufacturing and maintaining passenger car used in railways, vehicles for city traffic, as well as main parts for multiple unit cars and fittings such as car axletree. SEE Electrical Harness software from IGE XAO allows CSRPZ to draw easily electrical schematics and wiring diagrams. With this software package, CSRPZ has been able to reduce the time spent on designing electrical wire harnesses.


SATEL launches SATELLAR Digital System. The world’s first radio modem with internet access and a Linux application platform

SATEL, a leading manufacturer of radio modems for long range wireless data, today announced SATELLAR Digital System, a smart radio modem combining TCP/IP-functionalities, a Linux platform for customer specific applications, and a versatile modular structure. Whereas radio modems have conventionally been used to simply convey data – essentially replacing a cable in inconvenient locations – SATELLAR can do a lot more. The central unit, one of SATELLAR’s modular units, is essentially a computer with sufficient processing power and memory to run sophisticated software applications in addition to the operating system, IP-router, and web configuration server. Fewer devices are needed on site, which means that costs and complexity may be lowered without compromising functionality.


Architectural documentation of building facades

Renovating buildings involves producing architectural documentation. To do this, laser scanning is a fast and a reliable solution. For the Northwestern Mutual Life building, laser scanning achieved this in 4 days rather than several months using a traditional method. The process was also instrumental in detecting the difference between what was actually built and the original plans.


RJ45/USB and RJ11 Ethernet connectors for ATEX explosive environments

Amphenol, recognized leader for its reinforced Ethernet solutions for severe environments, announces the introduction of the first ATEX Ethernet connectors for applications in zone 2 and Class I Division 2 explosive environments. This new range has been designed as a response to the current trend in the ATEX market towards limiting the equipment in zone 1 (which is very expensive) and installing it in zone 2, where constraints are much less demanding, leading to very substantial reduction of overall plant costs.


Contract Signature for TransAdelaide PIS, CCTV and Door Upgrade

Faiveley Transport Australia today concluded contract signature on a deal to deliver enhanced PIS, CCTV and Door Upgrade solutions to trains maintained by Bombardier Australia at their Adelaide maintenance facility. The contract, which is worth more than $7M Australian Dollars over the next three years, will see Faiveley Transport Australia design, develop and deliver cutting edge technical solutions for PIS and CCTV equipment for installation on to an existing fleet of trains. The project also brings together Faiveley Transport technology expertise from across several fields, combining know-how in electronics, passenger door systems and engineering services in upgrades to deliver a new control system for the train passenger doors.


New Port Melbourne Office Opening , Australia

Faiveley Transport Australia heralded a new era for it's Melbourne based operations with the opening of its new premises in Port Melbourne. The new office, repair and warehousing facilities will house the business of the former Innovonics team, as well as integrating the brake repair and overhaul capabilities of the region's Hallam facility. The new location brings together Faiveley Transport's Melbourne operations in to a single location, allowing for greater operational synergy and enhanced customer service levels, as well as further enhancing Faiveley Transport Australia's Melbourne Branch's position as the global centre for engineering competence in PIS systems.


Replacement of compressed air production units on TGV PSE trains

As part of its TGV PSE train upgrade programme, SNCF has selected FAIVELEY TRANSPORT to supply new-generation “two-stage” compressed air production and treatment units. Much more than just an upgrade programme, SNCF’s objective is to extend the life of its TGV PSE trains. To improve passenger comfort (seat air supply, noise reduction, door operation), increase reliability and reduce operating costs, the programme provides for an increase in the pneumatic power available on the train. This makes the project highly representative of the service provided by FAIVELEY TRANSPORT: a systems and expert approach, introduction of new technologies and installation of electronic monitoring to facilitate maintenance operations. Benefiting from FAIVELEY TRANSPORT technologies, railway operators can optimize their costs, the functions provided on their trains and systems availability.

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