HMS Industrial Networks AB

IXXAT PC/CAN interface series expanded with new PCI cards

With the CAN-IB300/PCI and CAN-IB400/PCI, HMS offers two new CAN cards for the PCI bus, modularly expandable with up to four CAN interfaces and with an extensive driver and tool suite support.


Twice the capacity

Kollmorgen servo controllers now feature up to 48 A output current


Labour-saving technology for industrial production FMB to showcase innovative assembly and handling technology

Components are assembled, conveyed, lifted, transported and moved around in industrial manufacturing. Systems and components from the field of assembly, handling and automation technology are required where these processes are carried out in automated operations or at least with the aid of machinery.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Dual source for the micro38999 range

Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau has awarded a dual-source agreement to AB Connectors for the supply of its micro38999 connectors, which are used by many of the group's customers. The agreement guarantees that both manufacturers' micro38999 connectors are intermateable and interchangeable.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan announces availability of sapphire lenses for industrial applications

A high-specification alternative to glass, already established in critical applications in the aerospace and defence sectors, is now being offered for a variety of industrial applications by Morgan Advanced Materials.


Strategic Partners: Mitsubishi Electric Europe and Eplan

More integration for electrical engineering and PLC programming Transferring data from electrical engineering directly into PLC programming – this is now state-of-the-art technology with the integration of Eplan Electric P8 and GX Works2. Yet Mitsubishi Electric Europe and Eplan to continue strive for more as partners. Through the e-F@ctory Alliance, they are able to further increase project quality and data consistency for users.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

New Anybus gateway makes Modbus devices talk BACnet

The new Anybus BACnet to Modbus gateway makes it possible to connect Modbus devices to a BACnet network. The gateway handles conversion between Modbus (RTU, ASCII, and TCP) and BACnet/IP and makes each connected Modbus device appear as a BACnet compliant device on the BACnet network.


Grinding with half of the axes

At Bottero Group, KOLLMORGEN’s AKD series drives perform multiple functions With the “Titan” series, Bottero Group developed a fully automated plant for glass processing that performs bilateral grinding of pane edges. The grinder is composed of a large frame that allows the standard processing of sheets with different sizes and shapes without any operation modifications. The main objective during the design process was to create the simplest, most fully automated driving system without jeopardizing its efficiency. To achieve this aim, Bottero developed in co-operation with KOLLMORGEN a solution that is based on a single AKD servo-converter for driving two servo-motors that are not simultaneously operating.

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