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Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series

Brighter than ever: the AF8R Work industrial light and five other new products boost lighting options for the Construction and Trade sector.

Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series
Ledlenser’s new Area Light series: reliable industrial-grade lighting for Construction & Trade

Increasing the intensity by up to 35 percent compared to the iF series at a similar luminous flux rating as the iF products. This is what the team at Ledlenser had in mind when designing the new Area Light series. It also means adding six new products to the company’s range specifically aimed at the industries and the trade sector.

The Conrad Sourcing Platform now supplies everything from industrial-grade heavy duty lights suitable for large-scale construction sites all the way to handheld work lights used by electrical contractors and tradespeople. And if you register your product online, Ledlenser also offer a 7-year extended warranty. The flagship product of the new series is the highly versatile AF8R Work industrial light.

Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series

High-performance Allrounder Using Hybrid Power
“Our portable AF8R Work Area Light emits 4,000 lumens which makes it the perfect choice for tasks that involve plumbing, electrical wiring, structural work, painting and decorating,” explains Guido Geratz, one of the product managers at Ledlenser. And here’s the smart part: the high-performance battery can be charged whilst being used, either via the PSU or the USB port. This is down to hybrid power which means that the AF8R Work also operates when being supplied by mains cable. Multi-concentrated light technology makes the product sustainable and maximises its luminous efficacy. The LEDs are surrounded by reflectors, forming an array that resembles a honeycomb.

Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series

The new AF series lights are about 12 percent more efficient than their predecessors. Another really helpful feature of these compact products is their Reduced Peripheral Glare system that helps protect the eyes from distractive lateral light. Multi-concentrated Light technology ensures that the emitted light illuminates the areas you want to illuminate, and not anything else.

Detachable Diffusor for Homogenous Lighting
The AF8R Work generates a unique type of light, using a blend of warm and cold white LEDs. There are five colour temperature settings to choose from, to meet the needs of any task. Other useful functions include a battery level indicator showing the hours left, a detachable diffuser that homogenises light emission, anti-slip shock-proofing and different mounting options. Just like all the other Ledlenser products, the Area Lights sport a robust design and come with an IP67 rating (dust and water-proofness).

Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series

Perfect Light for Any Task
Unlike the AF8R Work that was designed as a medium-sized allrounder, the AF12R Work is Ledlenser’s largest and brightest Area light emitting a hybrid-powered 8,000 lumens sufficient for large construction sites. The AF12C Work is a mains-powered corded alternative. The smallest available product featuring hybrid power is the AF4R Work. This product emits up to 2,000 lumens and is aimed at electrical contractors, decorators, engine compartment inspections at car repair workshops and DIY home improvement.

The overall smallest product of new Area Light series is the battery-powered 1000-lumen AF2R Work. It comes with a flashing red light, hence also serves as a warning light if your car breaks down at the roadside. The mains-powered AT10C Work is a product designed for being attached to scaffolding, tent poles and ceilings, providing reliable lighting during whatever task needs to be carried out.

Conrad: Ledlenser Release New Area Lights Series

Learn more about the new Ledlenser Area Light series are available here.


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