Power PMAC, the motion computer that provides the A to Z for going from A to B

With its ability to control up to 128 axes simultaneously, the Power PMAC is an easy-to-configure controller – whether for basic or sophisticated tasks. Thanks to a new generation of embedded Power PC microprocessors, the Power PMAC has superior computational capabilities together with a high level of peripheral integration.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Beijer Electronics and Alfa Laval Reach Global Agreement

Beijer Electronics has signed a long-term agreement to supply operator panels to Alfa Laval. The companies will jointly prepare a standard solution for the processing equipment that Alfa Laval currently sells worldwide.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Sun-readable display technology

Based on extensive collaboration with customers, the new Exter Sun-Readable display technology from Beijer Electronics is a result of a completely optimized overhaul which combines a solution targeted to clients’ needs with a comprehensively efficient tool. Thanks to this new range of product, Beijer Electronics intends to further position itself as a leader in sun-readable technology for process industries.


Heat pump cuts energy costs by up to 50%

FAIVELEY HEAT PUMP SYSTEM - Faiveley Transport’s new Heat Pump is a major HVAC innovation because it can cut energy consumption by up to 50%. In its target market, the rail industry, this equates to around 1500 USD/year for each carriage.


Up on the roof

The new Roof Top from CIAT, designed to heat or cool commercial offices, is a compact unit – placed in roof space – that is notable for its high energy efficiency. At equivalent power, its energy consumption is 30% less than earlier models. Available in ‘cold’ and ‘reversible’ versions, New Space has the largest range on the market – with 17 models, gas heater version, and seven mounting types, with power ratings up to 390 kW.



This printed circuit connector for SEM Form E factor modules combines high density with unique levels of reliability. SMASH also provides the best performance levels on the market in terms of admissible current per signal contact.


The CRISTOPIA thermal energy storage system has been selected for the UFIDA Software Park.

With its 25 years of experience in thermal energy storage systems, the CIAT Group, is currently the world leader in the sector. In particular, the Company installed the first Ice storage system in China in 1992, for Electro Building Shenzhen. The new UFIDA Software Park contract is one more reference to be added to the 2,000 CRISTOPIA systems in operation worldwide, including Kempinski luftansa center in Beijing and the Hong Kong Asia World Expo. More than 5,000 MWh of electrical energy are saved every day thanks to CRISTOPIA equipment. Its range of use from -33°C to +27°C and its energy efficiency levels of 20% higher than those of the other solutions on the market are among the major factors contributing to its success.



Amphenol presents the first full range of USB 2.0 connections for harsh environments: the USB A connectors have now been joined by USB B cables and connectors (to link up peripherals). The range is also set apart by its mechanical strength and its ease of fitting without tools. Its applications lie in industrial and military fields alike.


TF420, a very compact 20W laser marker

With the TF420 fibre laser marking solution, Technifor have brought out a unit that is twice as compact as the previous generations, while keeping the same marking quality level, and providing a writing speed of up to 2.5 m per second, and a skipping speed of up to 5 m/s. It is designed for applications involving medium to large production runs: motor vehicles, medical fields, electrical or mechanical components, etc.

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