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NPE2024: innovation and services at the heart of Bausano's Total Solution, announcing the opening of a new office in the U.S

Bausano – a leading international player in the design and manufacture of custom extrusion lines for plastics processing - on the occasion of NPE2024, is pleased to give you the preview announcement of the opening of its new headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

NPE2024: innovation and services at the heart of Bausano's Total Solution, announcing the opening of a new office in the U.S

The event represents a strategic opportunity for the company to share, with Industry Operators, the consolidated expertise of its Team and its Total Solution, consisting of advanced extrusion technologies and services. Specifically, innovation takes center stage, at stand W929D in the West Hall Building, where the spotlight will also be on Bausano's next-generation MD 92 Nextmover twin-screw, equipped with the Multidrive system and Digital Extruder Control 4.0.

"This investment is part of a broader strategic framework along two main lines: customer intimacy and technological excellence," says Clemente Bausano, Bausano Vice President, who continues, "The state of North Carolina is an important commercial and industrial crossroads for the plastics extrusion sector along with the Gulf of Texas and Louisiana. In this sense, the opening of this new site stems from the desire to be even closer to our Customers, combining customized solutions, under the banner of technological excellence, with a first-rate onsite after-sales service, guaranteeing efficient production processes."

The company invests in advanced technologies not only to constantly monitor extruder operating conditions, but also to optimize available resources and reduce energy consumption, in response to the Manufacturing Industry's need for superior long-term sustainability. An approach that is developed around three cornerstones aimed at optimizing the extrusion process: from Digital Extruder Control 4.0, for precise monitoring of the energy consumption of each individual production phase, to Smart Energy, the first on the market to heat the barrel by induction coils, to Multidrive, a patented transmission system that allows the distribution of the coupling force over four shaft-motors, controlled by a single static frequency converter, for constant rotation and perfect synchronism of the motors.

Bausano's Digital Extruder Control 4.0 is the reliable screening tool for extruder and end-of-line energy performance. It is an intuitive interface, allowing screw speed to be adjusted, temperature to be controlled, and alarm thresholds to be set, even remotely, with a view to vertical integration of control technologies. In addition, the ability to customize multiple configurations and to consult, at any time, the archive of statistics, facilitates predictive and preventive maintenance activities, with positive results in terms of Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

The exhibition showcases the Smart Energy temperature control system, developed by Bausano to keep the temperature of the processed material constant and reduce heat loss. The innovative technology applies the principles of electromagnetic induction to the extrusion process for faster and more uniform heating, guaranteeing consistent extrudate quality and efficiency, as high as 95% for net energy savings of 35%.

Finally, the in-house R&D Team, with a view to supporting customers in achieving their productivity and quality goals, synergistically integrates mechanical and ICT technologies in favor of intelligent remote control of each extrusion plant and intuitive operator-machine interaction. Condition Monitoring, according to Bausano, paves the way for a proactive approach to maintenance, which brings with it numerous benefits for Customers such as enhanced operational efficiency due to the full availability of the extruder over time, the extension of its service life, as well as optimal working conditions.

"We are excited to welcome visitors to NPE to delve together into the news inherent in our Total Solution, consisting of advanced technologies and services," says Giorgio Critelli - General Manager at the helm of Bausano USA who concludes "The bonus of having an extremely well-stocked warehouse, with original spare parts and a team of technicians who intervene within 48h of the call, positions Bausano as a strategic and reliable partner able to support companies on a daily basis in overcoming the challenges of an extremely competitive and constantly evolving market".


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