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Pluggable low-cost jaw couplings

Applications in the field of servo technology and robotics requier smaller and smaller components of the drive chain.

Pluggable low-cost jaw couplings
ENEMAC miniature couplings EWJT and EWJTC

The miniature couplings EWJT and EWJTC from ENEMAC consist of two aluminum hubs and one elastomer star.They differ in their shaft mounting options: 

The EWJTC is equipped with radial clamping hubs, the cheaper variant EWJT with set screws. The EWJT series is designed for speeds of up to 27,000 rpm.

Both types of coupling can be used in a temperature range between 253 K and 343 K.

There are 3 sizes available with two different elastomer stars, which cover a torque range between 0.7 Nm and 12.5 Nm. Shafts between 3 mm and 14 mm can be received.

The main area of application for these elastomer couplings is the control and feedback control technology.


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