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For the 5th year, SOURIAU wins AIRBUS’s Best Supplier Award for standard electrical parts

SOURIAU is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with the 2011 AIRBUS Supplier of the Year Award in recognition of the best global performance during the supplier SQAL Electrics Conference held in Toulouse on December 16, 2011.

For the 5th year, SOURIAU wins AIRBUS’s Best Supplier Award for standard electrical parts
In an continuing difficult economic environment linked to consequences of the worldwide economic crisis of 2008,
the SOURIAU group has managed to cope with the strong demand variations while preserving its level of excellence towards AIRBUS and their main subcontractors spread over several continents.

All these supply chain efforts coupled with a constant long term investment policy in both production capacity and in new technologies were rewarded with the AIRBUS 2011 Award of Best Supplier of standard electrical parts, for the 5th time in 6 years.

In a particularly aggressive competitive environment, the SOURIAU group has increased the pace of new product development and range extensions thus accompanying AIRBUS in facing the new challenges of the civil aircraft market in areas such as the reduction of fuel consumption, noise pollution and the impact on the environment.

The technologies for which SOURIAU is a worldwide leader in civil aviation include a complete range of high power contacts, high speed fiber optic components, weight reduction with a full range of 38999 type connectors in composite shells and the miniaturization of its offer with the micro38999 and microComp® ranges.

“We are particularly proud to win this award for the fifth year.” explains François Calvarin, Chairman of SOURIAU. “It is the fruit of the involvement of the whole company in the strategy of Total Quality and Operational Excellency, following the principles of continuous improvement and Innovation at all of our sites. SOURIAU is well positioned to benefit from the planned increase in production rates at AIRBUS as well as additional market share of all new civil aircraft programmes due to the implementation of an aggressive and massive investment schedule judiciously allocated to our production facilities in France and in low cost locations impacting in particular the development of our production units in Morocco and India.”

“Moreover, 2012 is the start of a new era for SOURIAU with the integration into the ESTERLINE group as of last July. ESTERLINE joins us in supporting new investment to develop organic growth, to accomplish synergies with other units within the company, to generate growth opportunities with key accounts, notably American, as well as to anticipate additional external growth.”

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