Hyperturn 45 G3: Dynamic. Intelligent. Fully automated

The machine base and the slide geometry of the HYPERTURN 45 G3 have been redesigned to enlarge the working space and accommodate a wider turret clearance to allow the integration of a 16-station tool turret and a larger Y-axis stroke of +/- 40mm. The machine remains compact, and the 72° slant bed perfectly supports the ergonomic requirements and optimal chip flow. What is more, EMCO offers holistic solutions for the automation of machine tools, e.g. “Turn/Mill Assist”, a standardised automation solution and currently the most compact solution for loading and unloading EMCO turning and milling machines.

HALLEIN – As the entry-level to the Hyperturn series, the new HYPERTURN 45 G3 is impressive with its increased spindle distance of 760 mm for collision-free processing with two turrets. The expanded working space offers sufficient room for the integration of BMT turrets in 12x or 16x versions. With its precision interface for fast tool changeover and direct drive for high power milling of complex workpieces, it is an excellent choice. The water-cooled direct drive has 8 kW of power; it drills and mills at up to 12,000 rpm and offers 20 Nm of torque. The stable BMT interface ensures that tools have a long service life. Overall, it gives the user more possibilities in terms of workpiece processing or increasing productivity.

EMCONNECT, the new assistant for control and production processes, is included in the machine's standard equipment. EMCONNECT is a digital process assistant for the comprehensive integration of customer- and system-specific applications for controlling the machine and the production flow. As the operating sequences focus on the user and their requirements, it is possible to create more efficient work processes without losing sight of the machines' outstanding reliability in all operating modes.

Hyperturn 45 G3 with automation
When selecting an automated complete solution by EMCO, the operator benefits, above all, from sophisticated technology and quality, whereas the programmer profits from the automation philosophy “everything from a single source” and its concrete technical implementation. Thus, they can capitalise on the ideal solution for their company.

EMCO's Turn/Mill-Assist is the most compact complete solution when it comes to loading and unloading EMCO turning and milling machines. Turn/Mill-Assist is characterised especially by its user-friendliness. Thanks to the beginner-friendly control, users can get down to work without delay, which results in significantly higher efficiency, profitability and flexibility. The work will get effectively easier; customers will benefit from longer machine service lives and have an extremely flexible solution with a wide range of applications regarding weight and workpiece type at their disposal.

With the Turn/Mill-Assist series, EMCO offers different standard automation solutions, each of which comes with specific features. Each model – Turn/Mill-Assist Essential and Turn/Mill-Assist 200/270 – offers a wide range of robot payloads as well as options and modular expansions.

All advantages at a glance
When opting for Turn/Mill-Assist, the customer acquires one of the most user-friendly and most reliable systems currently available on the market.


• Unique gripper design
• Different gripper types
• Built-in air nozzle
• Workpiece recognition

Straightforward and intelligent
• Intuitive graphical user interface
• Very short set-up and changeover times
• Touch screen

• Maximum capacity with minimum space requirements
• No grid plates required
• Workpiece stacking

Extraordinarily compact
• The most compact automation solution available on the market
• Visible and open installation

Options and modular expansions
EMCO's Turn/Mill series includes a wide range of standard products, standard options and modular expansions. With these components, every operator can compile their very own, tailor-made automation solution: additional features such as turning units, devices for placing the finished parts onto Euro-pallets or an axis extension for the handling of shaft-type components are available. It is even possible to operate the solution together with a bar loader.

Hyperturn 45 G3: Dynamic. Intelligent. Fully automated
HT 45 G3 with Turn/Mill-Assist

Hyperturn 45 G3: Dynamic. Intelligent. Fully automated
With Turn/Mill-Assist by EMCO, you will increase your profits and reduce the working hours by up to 70%

Hyperturn 45 G3: Dynamic. Intelligent. Fully automated
Thanks to the very beginner-friendly control unit, the operator can quickly move into the implementation phase, thus increasing the processes‘ efficiency, profitability and flexibility to a significant extent.

Hyperturn 45 G3: Dynamic. Intelligent. Fully automated
This model is equipped with two servo-controlled stacking tables which are capable of stacking larger quantities of both blanks and machined parts

A new machine design reinforces the EMCO brand
The repositioning of the brand – which is also reflected in the claim and commitment “beyond standard” – is now also being implemented in the machine design. As central brand ambassadors, the machines now feature a new look, a look that constitutes a functional and visual upgrade. This upgrade is reflected in a variety of design changes: In order to ensure efficient processes, user-friendliness and a clear arrangement, the machines' main interaction areas (such as the work area) have been highlighted in both colour and shape. The operating panel comes with homogeneous aluminium surfaces, ergonomically adjustable controls and an intuitive user interface. The housing features a reduced and precise design. Clean contours and precise joint patterns convey superior product quality. In order to keep track of the different product classes, price levels and equipment options are also reflected in the design features. The recognition value of the technically sophisticated and ergonomic machines is fully guaranteed by the new design of the EMCO product family.

The machine design, too, is meant to convey the company's conscious decision to go beyond what is standard and thus fulfil its commitment to quality, maximum precision and efficiency in turning and milling operations. In doing so, EMCO starts implementing its objective where others stop: beyond standard, that is.

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