Latest release marks the 10th anniversary of Maple T.A.

New adaptive questions provide powerful tool for teaching during testing

Latest release marks the 10th anniversary of Maple T.A.
Maplesoft™, a leader in software products for technical education and research, announced today the release of the latest version of its popular testing and assessment tools. Maple T.A.™ was first released as a pilot project in 2002. Ten years later, Maple T.A. and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite continue the tradition of providing major advancements to help institutions offer high quality technical education to their students.

Adaptive questions in Maple T.A. 8 give instructors a powerful new tool to improve student comprehension. These questions give extra guidance to students who give an incorrect response to a question, increasing their understanding of the concepts and techniques involved. Knowing the student is having trouble, the question can be adapted to walk the student through the problem one step at a time, allow students to try a simpler version of the same question before retrying the original, or whatever the instructor feels is appropriate. As a result, adaptive questions give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding without leaving the testing environment, while at the same time giving them partial credit for their efforts.

Maple T.A. 8 also provides a highly secure Proctored Browser, which reduces cheating by ensuring students stay inside the Maple T.A. environment until the test or assignment is completed. While using the Proctored Browser, students cannot access other web sites or programs on their computer. Other security enhancements include the ability to require that Maple T.A. tests are taken from a specified list of IP addresses, to ensure students can take assignments only from approved computers or labs. These and other new Maple T.A. security features are also available in the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite, for those institutions who want greater security in their placement testing process.

“Maple T.A. has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years, with new question and assignment types, more ways to create, modify, and organize content, a sophisticated gradebook, additional options for integrating Maple T.A. into the rest of your infrastructure, and much more,” says Paul DeMarco, Director of Development for Maple™ and Maple T.A. “The latest releases of Maple T.A. and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite continue the tradition of providing institutions with innovative methods to help them deliver effective, efficient mathematics and technical education to their students.”

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