RF GFI/GFIS: Foot controls with new high reliability wireless technology

The advantages of wireless communication are particularly obvious in the case of foot controls. The units can be positioned at will and there are no cables to trip over or restrict movement. With the RF GFI/ GFIS series engineers wishing to exploit these advantages not only have a new series of wireless foot switches at their disposal; they can also use a new high reliability wireless standard developed by steute.

RF GFI/GFIS: Foot controls with new high reliability wireless technology
On the basis of experience gathered with various radio technologies over many years, a new system has emerged which was originally developed for medical equipment. This field has particularly high standards regarding transmission reliability and it is imperative that the switching function is not restricted by interference from other radio networks, such as WI-FI. The new radio standard from steute fulfils these requirements – and also has the advantage of using a frequency within the license-free, globally accessible 2.4 GHz waveband.

This new radio technology has been integrated in the foot switches within the GFI series, characterised by their ergonomic shape, low pedals and high stability. Their metallic enclosure can withstand even high levels of mechanical wear and tear.

Radio signals are evaluated by a compact receiver unit which can be installed in the switching cabinet. Yet another practical, easy-to-install, all-in solution for the wireless man-machine interface from steute.

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