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Anybus X-gateway, Reduce your infrastructure cost with the number one supplier of industrial network gateways

Networks used in industrial automation are very often incompatible with each other. The Anybus X-gateways interconnect the different networks and link between different fieldbusses or industrial Ethernet systems. Fully compatible with the PLC network systems of Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi etc, the X-gateways make system integration easy!

Anybus X-gateway, Reduce your infrastructure cost with the number one supplier of industrial network gateways
The Anybus X-gateway family from HMS Industrial Networks is based on the proven Anybus communication modules. Embedded into a handy metal housing, the modules form an intelligent link between two industrial networks. The X-gateway family consists of 180 different versions and thus can interconnect all popular fieldbusses such as Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen or connect these fieldbusses with the new Industrial Ethernet standards, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus-TCP and EtherCAT. The gateways are Stand-Alone devices built for DIN-Rail mounting. After power-up the gateways are immediately ready for data exchange between the two selected networks. Configuration is done within a few minutes and no programming or specific PC Hard- or Software is required. The gateways transmit I/O data and parameters completely transparent between the two networks. The amount of data is configured within a simple configuration dialogue during setup of the gateway. The gateways can easily be integrated into industrial automation systems and ensure a seamless information flow between different networks. The Anybus X-gateways combine high reliability and flexibility which makes them an indispensible connectivity tool for system integrators and plant operators.

To further extend the functionality of the Anybus X-gateway family HMS has developed an OPC Server. The new feature connects PC based OPC-Client applications through standard Ethernet networks and the X-gateway to all major fieldbus networks. The OPC server comes with the X-gateway at no extra cost. The Anybus OPC Server enables any PC-based OPC DA client application to access data of distributed field devices located in a fieldbus network without the need for a PCI fieldbus interface card. The Anybus OPC server supports OPC Data Access (DA) v1.0, 2.05, 3.0. Key features include access to process data, an OPC tag editor and an online viewer/editor with read/write access to tag process data. The connection between the PC in the control room and the field devices in the plant is established through existing Ethernet networks and the Anybus X-gateway. While the PCI card is located inside the PC in the control room, the X-gateway can be located directly on site and the expensive fieldbus cabling between the production line in the plant and the control room is eliminated. This saves installation cost and improves flexibility.

In April 2009 the one millionth Anybus module rolled off the production line marking a historic milestone. While it took HMS over ten years to reach this significant milestone, the actual annual shipment volume is more than 200,000 modules and HMS expects to reach the second million mark in significantly less time than the first.

1 Million.jpg
Picture text: The one millionth Anybus module has rolled off the production line and with this significant figure HMS has marked a historic milestone.

Picture text: HMS extends the functionality of the Anybus X-gateways with an OPC Server.

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