Incorporating an air purifier, Coadis Medical Comfort is the only comfort unit on the market designed specifically for hospital rooms. It meets the most demanding air quality requirements, providing optimum health safety. It provides the best levels of thermal and acoustic comfort for the patients, while optimizing energy performance throughout the building.

Coadis Medical comfort is an air conditioning and treatment terminal unit. Compact and discreet, it incorporates an exclusive all-in-one diffusion system allowing installation in suspended ceilings in the entrance corridors of hospital rooms, saving floor space.

Coadis Medical Comfort ensures optimum air hygiene and quality levels. It incorporates CIAT's exclusive PURIFY function to avoid the harmful effects on health of PM2.5 fine particles.

This PURIFY function is based on three fundamentals:
- a filter capable of reducing PM2.5 particulates by 90% in 30 min,
- a protected air inlet avoiding intake of bacteria present in suspended ceilings,
- thorough mixing of the air and optimized, uniform diffusion of treated air in the room.

This means the room is treated as a whole and the ambient environment is protected against urban pollution, poorly-maintained ducting and releases of construction materials. Next, a “condensate-free” function has been incorporated to avoid the potential risks of bacterial proliferation due to water retention in the drain pan. A dedicated probe sends information to the BMS (Building Management System) to allow continuous adjustment of chilled water control in order to raise water temperatures and avoid condensation by keeping the air temperature above the dew point. Lastly, Coadis Medical Comfort incorporates an eco-design approach, as the filter is 100% incinerable at end of life with no need for material sorting.

Coadis Medical Comfort is designed for energy efficiency. First, it operates at high cold water temperatures, 13 or 14 °C. This saves energy: eliminating condensation saves 15% to 30%, depending on the region where the unit is installed; higher water temperatures reduce the electricity consumption of the chilled water production plant by 15% to 18% for a given installed power; operation in “Free-cooling” mode is possible more of the time. When the outside temperature is low, the Free-Cooling module provides cooling using cold air from outside the building drawn in by fans, without starting up the refrigerating circuit. Second, new HEE (High Energy Efficiency) fan turbines are used. Their blades have optimized profiles, reducing motor electricity consumption by 5% to 10%. A brushless technology HEE motor is available on option, dividing motor power by 4 to give an electricity consumption of less than 0.3 W/m2. Third, V3000 electronic control, in combination with the optional R1E fresh air damper, optimizes the flow of fresh air introduced into the room according to whether it is day or night, and in particular reduces flow during the night, when the patient is alone in the room, in order to avoid any excess energy consumption.

Coadis Medical Comfort also provides outstanding levels of thermal and acoustic comfort for the user. Thermal comfort is enhanced by its Coanda effect system, used by CIAT, which makes the air stream attach to the ceiling and then flow down the walls, avoiding problems of draughts in the comfort area. Control of diffusion eliminates any excessive air movements, guaranteeing uniform temperatures in the occupancy area. The V3000 electronic control system also provides individual temperature control with 0.1 °C precision in each room.

The acoustic comfort of the unit is also a fundamental priority, in order to allow patients to sleep undisturbed: built-in acoustic insulation and a multi-speed motor ensure very low noise levels for the patients (NR<15 at low motor speed).

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