Chmielnickij’s water supply

The city of Chmielnickij (pop.: 300,000) in the region of Podolia, has long experienced problems with supplying and upgrading sufficient amounts of potable water. The current pressurized water supply system, built many years ago using ferroconcrete pipes, is now outdated. Constant failures of the main bus supplying the city’s water have carried the risk of suspending the water supply for the entire city. It was thus necessary to launch a new water supply system in order to significantly improve the reliability for the city. AMITECH POLAND has won the contract for the works.

Chmielnickij’s water supply
For financial reasons, the investment was divided into several stages. Currently, the completed second stage of the investment is being realised. GRP FLOWTITE pipes of DN1000 diameter, SN5000 stiffness class and PN10 and PN16 pressure class have been delivered to the site. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polymer. Such a high pressure class of PN16 is necessary due to the terrain and pump station layout. The works are being conducted on a “chamber to chamber” basis. Each chamber is equipped with fittings which allow switching the water transfer from the old to the new bus. After completion of the investment, the old will remain in order to serve as an emergency water supply line for the city.
The choice of GRP Flowtite pipes, which are very light and robust, was made given their lower investment cost in comparison to PE or steel pipes.
When comparing the pressure of GRP Flowtite pipes with that of PE pipes, it should be noted that in order to achieve similar discharge capacity for PE pipes, their diameter should be one dimension higher than GRP pipes. For example, the PE pipe with a nominal diameter of DN1000 (PE 100 SDR17 PN10) has an inner diameter of 881mm, and the GRP pipe of DN1000 PN10 SN5000 has an inner diameter of 996mm, which results in an almost 30 percent larger section.
Moreover, the possibility of conducting works and assembly in low temperatures (continuous work during wintertime) was also of significant importance (welding of PE pipes below 4°C is not recommended and may be impossible).

As no welding was required, the pipe connections using so-called REKA connectors in GRP Flowtite pipes significantly accelerated pipe assembly.
As most of the route runs through non-urbanized areas, the delivery of 12m long pipes additionally lowered costs and expedited assembly, while at the same time increasing the reliability of the system due to a reduced number of connections.
Amitech Poland (www.amitech.pl ) is a part of the Amiantit concern (www.amiantit.com), which is the largest GPR pipe manufacturer in the world. In 2006, Amitech Poland started GRP Flowtite pipes sales in Ukraine. Over two years of activity in this market have resulted in orders for delivery of pipes for investment realisation. This project is one of the largest.

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