Aramo-Quirós Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Oviedo

Due to its many advantages, the construction company DRACE MEDIOAMBIENTE S.A. chose to use GRP FLOWTITE piping instead of ductile iron and metal-coated reinforced concrete piping for the new drinking water treatment plant at Oviedo after having conducted many hydraulic studies with characteristics provided by AMITECH SPAIN.

Aramo-Quirós Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Oviedo
The Aramo-Quirós Drinking Water Treatment Plant is located in Asturias in the County of Ribeira da Arriba near the Alfilorios Dam. This plant will treat water from the Aramo-Quirós System Springs, from the Alfilorios Dam itself and from the river Nalón pumped at the Palomar pumping station. The reason for constructing a new treatment plant is to supply better quality drinking water to the town of Oviedo.

Oviedo’s water supply was channelled. An Upper Channel carried water from Alfilorios. This 1.50 metre-high, 0.50-wide concrete channel was replaced by a 1100 mm diameter PRFV pipeline. On the other hand, the Lower Channel carrying water from the Springs was comprised of a ductile iron pipeline which was replaced by a 700 mm diameter PRFV pipeline.

The water from the Springs enters the treatment plant in two parallel channels with their respective filters for solid waste, which will be transported by an automatic screw compactor/transporter to a container.

Photo 1: This is a view of the dam and the upper and lower channels.

The water from the Springs, the Alfilorios Dam and the Palomar Pumping Plant is distributed using three spillways that enable an equal supply of water to be provided in three identical work lines.

In order to be able to undertake work on the Upper Channel, the town of Oviedo had to be supplied through the Lower Channel plus the by-pass from the two water sources.

Photo 2: View of the complex nature of the construction work.

Finally, the raw water reaches the plant through three pipelines:

- Lower channel pipeline (Water from the Aramo-Quirós system springs) approximately 900 metres long with a nominal PRFV piping diameter of 700 mm.
- Upper channel pipeline (Water from the Alfilorios dam) approximately 1050 metres long with a nominal PRFV piping diameter of 1100 mm.
- Palomar pipeline, which uses the existing supply pipeline which, connected to the by-pass constructed with 600 mm PRFV piping, would take the water from the river Nalón from the Palomar pumping station to the treatment plant.

The Aramo-Quirós Drinking Water Treatment Plant is calculated for treating an average flow of 1500 l/s in its first phase and 2000 l/s in the second. The first has three water treatment lines comprised of:

- Flow regulation chamber
- Headworks
- Preozonization chamber
- Rapid mixing chamber
- Flocculation chamber
- Lamella settling chamber
- Intermediate oxidation chamber
- Four sand filter chambers for each line
- Outlet works and treated water flow measurement

PRFV FLOWTITE, a very advantageous solution for sanitation
PRFV piping has a low roughness coefficient (Manning no. 0.0094), whereby a good flow and a greater flow capacity is obtained with the same diameter if we compare it with concrete. Piping maintenance is also reduced as no sediments or inlays are produced.

The space available for the installation was minimal. Using PRFV piping, the installation has been completed with some difficulty but with other heavier piping, it would have been practically impossible as even transport would have been more difficult.

This is one of the great advantages of using PRFV FLOWTITE piping in the installation, which weighs a tenth of the equivalent in concrete, as no large-scale installation equipment is required so it is much quicker and easier to handle.

Photos 3, 4 and 5: In this photograph, we can see the reduced amount of space available for installing the piping. The following photographs illustrate the complex nature of the installation.

The piping will be exposed to natural bad weather. The fact that these pipes are totally inert to corrosion is also a factor to consider as all these advantages make PRFV FLOWTITE a preferable choice instead of concrete, steel and iron piping.

6-metre pipes were used to achieve this alignment. With the Continuous Filament Winding manufacturing system, AMITECH can supply pipes of different lengths to obtain great quality assembly with perfect alignments without the need to use special parts.

PRFV FLOWTITE piping offers the possibility to complete any type of construction work as all its accessories are made of the same material, such as elbows, Ts, flanges, derivations, reductions, wall bushings, etc. We can see some parts installed at this site work below.

We know that in civil construction work, it is very difficult to reach a certain point with the exact length of pipe, however much we try to obtain the exact layout. Amitech pipes can be cut on site very easily, thus avoiding leaving gaps for special parts and continuing to assemble pipes. They will subsequently be closed using Arpol-type mechanical joints, or even REKA pipe joints themselves could be used, a process that grows ever more difficult the greater the diameter.

The pipes had to be protected against eventual rock falls. This construction work was promoted by the Cantabria Hydrographic Confederation and was carried out by the Aramo Quirós Joint Venture, comprising DRACE MEDIOAMBIENTE S.A. and DRAGADOS S.A.

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