Balluff Vision Solutions BVS SC SmartCamera


The BVS SC SmartCamera makes it possible to detect production defects in the manufacturing process early on and assures quality control of objects. It detects machine codes, text or serial numbers and assists robots in position finding.

Using common Web browsers, you can easily set up the SmartCamera, generate inspection programs and pass inspection results to the controller or file servers. Incorporate the SmartCamera in your system environment using digital in-/out-puts, standard LAN, Profinet or Ethernet/IP. The quantity and format of the data can be adapted and mass data kept out of the process network. You can integrate additional sensors into the solution using the IO-Link master interface.


Rapid familiarization with easy tool operation

Flexible, using any desired test plan creation

Secure, application-specific results management for machine control
Versatile, many interfaces:

Gigabit Ethernet, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, IO-Link, digital in-/outputs
Prompt access in networked locations (remote control

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