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Premium Composite Impactools™: 2115XP, 2125XP, 2135XP

Ingersoll Rand extends its range of 3/8" and 1/2" Premium Composite Impactools™. Based on the QTiMAX Series platform, these new tools provide another level of choice for the more value-oriented customer. They still offer some of the best-in-class features as well as high performance levels for the professionals in the automotive and industrial maintenance applications.

Premium Composite Impactools™: 2115XP, 2125XP, 2135XP
The new tools will be offered in three different configurations. The compact 2115XP (3/8" square drive) and 2125XP (1/2" square drive) offer respectively 370 Nm (273 ft-lb) and 410 Nm (302 ft-lbs). Their reduced size, less than 155 mm, will allow greater access to tight spaces and ultra-light weight of only 1.14 kg will reduce operator fatigue. The larger 2135XP model offers 935 Nm (690 ft-lb) in a lightweight package of only 1.9 kg.

The three new models feature Ingersoll Rand patented one-hand forward /reverse switch, ultra-sensitive feather-touch trigger as well as a convenient four-position power regulator in forward, while full power is always delivered in reverse. Driven by a powerful 6-vane motor, the Ingersoll Rand exclusive Twin-Hammer impact mechanism with proprietary advanced metallurgy delivers more power per kilogram and is less sensitive to air pressure fluctuations than any other design.

The ergonomic composite housing and the reinforced aluminum hammer case have been engineered for reduced weight and superior durability. The housing design also features an optimized air flow for greater performance still offering the lowest air consumption in the market for reduced cost of ownership.

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Marketing Manager, Vehicle Services
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