Ensure control of the entire measurement process with Metrios

With the goal of becoming reject free across production, Metrios’ optical measurement machine ensures full inspection support.

"What did we want? To check the part regularly, and Metrios was the best choice."

The Melegari company, which has been active in the manufacturing sector for three generations, is today a completely transformed reality, with an extremely modern machinery fleet serving production.

Even within the quality control process, it is essential to invest in automation to ensure the compliance of manufactured parts, and Metrios is the perfect solution: a measuring machine that is fast, objective and most of all easy to use.

Ensure control of the entire measurement process with Metrios
Optical measuring machine: production quality control

Francesco Melegari – Meccanica Melegari Production Manager:

"I'm Francesco Melegari, Production Manager here in Meccanica Melegari since 2003 and I'm also responsible for ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management.

My sister, my cousin and I represent the third generation involved in this activity."

"Many of the 500 machined parts that we deal with here in Melegari are made out of steel.

This is one of the most popular, a coupling clutch sleeve.

We decided to purchase a Metrios Cross because in less than 32 seconds, we can inspect the concentricity of turning diameters, the size of the pin holes which must all be within one tenth of tolerance".

“These machines are so user friendly; all the operators can produce and check their work.

This way they know when it's time to make any replacements or modify the working parameters on the machine".

“We've advanced to more modern CNC machines that are computer-controlled and linked with the company's entire operating system on internal net.

In addition, since 2007 we have been collaborating with the earth-moving equipment industry, producing synchronizer rings that are assembled on the differential gears of trucks. Over the past two years we have been investing heavily in automation and quality control in production.”


With fierce competition, Meccanica Melegari recognised the benefits of investing in innovative technology and personnel.

New investments, close-knit staff and production processes under control from the beginning to the end of the process are now possible thanks to Metrios, which allows operators to be completely autonomous on the machine.

Elisabetta - Meccanica Melegari production department:

"My name's Elisabetta and I'm a lathe operator.

Right now, I'm working on this part designed for rolling.

I inspect one piece every 15/20 worked parts and I control the machine by myself.

The spheres have to be perfect".

Simone Crema - Meccanica Melegari quality department:

"I consider Meccanica Melegari a personal asset.

I'm Simone Crema and I've been working here for 30 years, 25 of which have been dedicated to the quality control system.”

“Today competition is fierce. We have an edge thanks to various investments we have made in terms of machinery and personnel... Every single operator, depending on whatever part they're working on, can regulate the frequency of inspection.

“With Metrios, you just place the part on the stage and in about 20 seconds the operator can keep the whole process under control.”

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“If I get this part from Meccanica Melegari, I know it will be well done.”

A history of generations and quality manufacturing.

Giulia Melegari - Meccanica Melegari Sales Manager:

“Being part of a family-run company is like having a tenure, you move from one department to the next, getting to know how everything works.

I'm Giulia Melegari, I'm the third generation of this family.

“My grandfather always came to work in a suit, never without a tie. And when he arrived, you sure knew he was here! He sent me into production to learn the ropes."

"We're going to keep investing in - quality and Made in Italy products."

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