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SSB turns 31 and has a new film

Almost exactly 31 years ago on 22.11.1991 our SSB Wägetechnik GmbH was founded, at that time still under the name SSB Steuerungsbau GbR (Lebrato and Partner).

SSB turns 31 and has a new film

This date is reason enough to introduce you to our new SSB film. Learn who we are, what we do, what makes us different and what our values and demands are.

SSB your partner in large-scale industrial weighing technology.

Does a company for control, bagging and weighing technology need an image film?
After 31 years we said to ourselves: Yes, why not! Let's show our customers, suppliers and partners in a short overview who we are and what we do every day!

The time has come!
Our SSB Weighing Technology film is now online. You can find it on our website or on our YouTube channel.


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