Safety is Certain: Virtek’s New High Visibility Laser is the Best and Brightest

innovative laser-driven positioning solutions, Virtek is pleased to introduce their new High Visibility Laser, which improves visibility in bright ambient lighting environments and on difficult work surfaces.

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, and their safety should always be paramount. Virtek’s latest High Visibility Laser uses proprietary algorithms to maintain operator safety at all times while presenting the brightest beam possible within its class.

For decades, projection systems have been bringing a new level of efficiency and quality to assembly tasks in Aerospace. However, the lasers can be difficult to see under bright lighting conditions or on difficult surfaces such as carbon fiber. Virtek’s High Visibility Laser is more easily seen, which brings a new level of ease of use to the laser system.

“Simply put, if an operator can’t see the laser line, they can’t do their job. We’ve just made it much easier for them to do their job. But safety comes first. Virtek has made a substantial investment in developing new algorithms to maximize laser output while ensuring personal safety,” states Sean Francoz, Group Product Manager at Virtek Vision.

Progressive materials such as carbon fiber are hassle-free for this new, ultra-safe laser. Additionally, the brighter, bolder laser line can span any size part or tool, providing maximum laser line coverage for templating needs during composite applications.

Safety isn’t expensive; it’s priceless!

Virtek’s High Visibility Laser is a safe solution that improves visibility without the additional mandatory safety costs of a laser source beyond laser safety class 3R. Lasers in these classes require operator training, safety glasses and an on-site laser safety officer.

Since Virtek launched its Vision Positioning System (VPS), our customers have been clear that improved visibility paired with Virtek’s FlashAlign™ – a unique feature launched last year that helps eliminate manual target alignment – offers the best solution for companies looking to increase efficiency, lower costs, and gain a competitive advantage, while keeping their employees safe and secure.

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