Lanner Provides Secure and Reliable Network Appliances and IOT Computing Platforms with Made-in-Taiwan Manufacturing, Component Traceability and Firmware BIOS Security

Over three decades, Lanner has been dedicated in the rapid-growing network security industry by supplying reliable hardware platforms for tier-one leading companies. As a long-term, trustworthy partner to our customers, Lanner not only offers customized solutions for mission-critical applications, but also takes security into consideration by building network appliances with in-house manufacturing, component transparency and firmware/BIOS security.

Design and Manufacturing in Taiwan

All Lanner PCB motherboards used in network appliances are engineered by Lanner’s R&D Team and are manufactured at Lanner’s in-house manufacturing plant located in new Taipei City, Taiwan, where all of Lanner’s PCB automation systems and production line, including auto insertion SMT machine and Dual in-line package (DIP) are installed.

To ensure the highest possible standard of performance and security, each PCB manufactured by Lanner is verified by the fully equipped PCBA testing team, including Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and in-circuit testing, for precise component placement and full-function testing.

Component Traceability

Lanner is committed to enabling transparent visibility in the supply chains, not only allowing our customers to keep track of components but also reducing hardware security risks.

Lanner implements real-time MES traceability system in order to instantly record the ID of each component on the PCBs, allowing visibility for when the component is being inserted and keeping all vendor information in check.

Firmware BIOS Security

To further strengthen manageability and security for Lanner’s network appliances, Lanner establishes teams of software experts to offer value-added package for firmware/BIOS security.

The package includes security features such as Secure Boot, Boot Guard and TPM, as well as remote management tools such as IPMI, providing significant comparative advantages for building high performance network appliances without compromising on hardware security.

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