New energy store PMCenergy SD uses braking energy

If you brake, you economise!

Pilz expands its range of energy-efficient drive technology: The new energy stores PMCenergy SD save up to 60 % of energy when used in conjunction with the servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD5. For this, the braking energy created in a braking process is absorbed, buffered and provided again - without mains feedback.

Further benefits in addition to the energy saving: The low heat generation (braking energy is no longer dissipated) ensures a longer service life for the devices, and as smaller cooling devices are sufficient now, PMCenergy SD also saves costs and space in the control cabinet.

The energy store PMCenergy SD independently calculates the level of the working voltage in the intermediate circuit of the servo amplifiers. PMCenergy SD uses capacitors to absorb any energy that exceeds the voltage in the intermediate circuit. If the level is undershot, PMCenergy SD re-feeds energy again during the acceleration processes and therefore saves energy.

The intermediate circuits can simply be connected together, so that only one energy store is needed per axis group. That gives users an economical solution for handling energy, in particular on large plants and machines with many axes.

Store without feedback

The energy store absorbs brake energy, however, this is not fed back into the mains: As the energy store has no direct contact to the input-side mains, the feedback for the net does not materialise and the mains feedback from the servo amplifier is minimised.

With various modules with a performance level of 1.600 W and 3.200 W, the storage volume can simply be expanded - depending on the requirement. The energy stores PMCenergy SD can be operated with various servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD5.

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