Powerful and collaborative

FANUC expands its range of CR robots

FANUC is consistently expanding its range of collaborative robots. FANUC exhibits the CR-15iA, with a load capacity of 15 kg, for the first time at AUTOMATICA in Munich. The fifth robot in this series closes the gap between the smaller CR-4iA/CR-7iA models and the large CR-35iA.

The collaborative 15 kg robot is aimed at the same industrial applications as the M-10iD: handling and use in logistics for packaging tasks. This is the reason why the first applications are to be expected in these areas. "However, we also see its use in quality control, an area that is still strongly characterised by manual activities that are now easy to automate," says FANUC.

For the CR series of collaborative robots, for instance, proven mechanics from the series has been combined with a very sensitive

sensor, resulting in a solution that is both powerful and safe. The basis of the new CR-15iA is the industrial robot M-10iD, which will also be showcased "in yellow" at AUTOMATICA. The mechanics of both robots are virtually identical.

This has several advantages for FANUC and the users: On the one hand, it is the same design of a robot cell and a simplified spare parts inventory. On the other hand, users will experience the same level of reliability as the industrial robot series, since the CR-15iA is derived directly from a series robot. It can be assembled upright, suspended from above or mounted to the wall. Unlike the M-10iD, the CR-15iA has an axis limitation between axes 2 and 3, so there is no risk of jamming.

This safety mode is standard for its collaborative robot mode of operation. However, it can be switched off via the DCS (Dual Check Safety) software if the robot is to be operated in fully automatic mode. The safety sensor is calibrated by default. However, in order to operate human-machine collaboration safely as intended, the sensor is adjusted after switching on. An R-30iB Plus or an R-30iB Mate Plus can be used as control unit. The "Mate Cabinet" is a powerful control variant specially developed for smaller robots of the M series and the LR Mate robots.

As with all CR robots, the sensor of the CR-15iA is located in the robot base. The fact that the robot sits on the base improves its working space, for instance when loading highly stacked cartons onto pallets. In horizontal plane the CR-15iA has a reach of 1,441 mm, in vertical plane the robot reaches a height of 2,413 mm. Alongside with the load capacity, these are the values that are in great demand for handling.


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